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Personal connections

Please let us know if you have any personal or professional connections with our Story Workshop facilitators. 

The facilitators are:

  • Abby Wong-Heffter 
  • Becky Allender 
  • Beau Denton 
  • Bethany Robbins 
  • Cathy Loerzel 
  • Cyndi Mesmer 
  • Gwen St. John 
  • Heather Stringer 
  • Jay Stringer 
  • Jen Murphy 
  • Jenny McGrath 
  • Jon DeWaal 
  • Kellay Chapman 
  • Laura Wade Shirley 
  • Laurie Proctor 
  • Linda Royster 
  • Mary Ellen Owen 
  • Matt Morrissey 
  • Melanie Lindell 
  • Paul Quinlivan 
  • Petra Malekzadeh 
  • Rachael Clinton 
  • Robyn Whitaker 
  • Sarah Brown 
  • Scott Gibson 
  • Susan Cunningham 
  • Susan Kim 
  • Trapper Lukaart 
  • Victoria Zimmermann 
  • Wendell Moss

Note: You can add multiple connections by clicking on the "Add" link.

By registering for the Story Workshop you are indicating that you have read and agree to the Covenant and Release of Claims.
Attendance at all sessions is expected and important to maintain continuity within the group process.


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