Fellowship Program

The Allender Center Fellowship Cohort is comprised of professionals who have extensive experience utilizing The Allender Theory. These women and men are contracted on an annual basis to act as lead facilitators for small groups at our Certificate in Narrative Focused Trauma Care Level I and Story Workshop offerings. A member of the Fellowship Cohort is paid a stipend for their work at each event, with extensive training and supervision.

Fellowship Cohort Qualifications

Fellowship Cohort Commitment

Facilitate small groups at our Certificate in Narrative Focused Trauma Care Level I and other workshops as assigned. Minimum time commitment requirement for the 2023-24 year includes the following dates:

  • August Story Workshop – (August 17-20, 2023)
  • Certificate in Narrative Focused Trauma Care Level I
    • Session One (September 20 (2 hour Team Orientation); September 21-24, 2023)
    • Session Two (November 8 (2 hour Team Orientation); November 9-12, 2023)
    • Session Three (January 24 (2 hour Team Orientation); January 25-28, 2024)
    • Session Four (April 10 (2 hour Team Orientation); April 11-14, 2024)
  • Supervision sessions will be scheduled periodically over course of the Fellowship year

Eligibility & Dual Relationships

You will be ineligible for the Fellowship program if you, a spouse/partner, or a child/dependent are:

  • In a current client/therapist relationship or have terminated less than 2 years prior to admittance to the program with a current Allender Center Teaching Staff, Advisory Staff, Facilitator Staff, or an Allender Center Fellow.
  • In a client/coach (including pastoral, lay counselor, spiritual director, story coach) relationship with current Facilitator staff, or an Allender Center Fellow.

The reason for this policy is that you will be in meetings, trainings, and other leadership roles alongside these Teaching, Advisory, and Facilitation Staff and Fellows. The leadership team is subject to change annually; updated information on leadership team members for your intended program year will be made available during the application process in order to discern specific eligibility.

Fellowship Cohort Application Process

Applications for the 2023-24 Fellowship Cohort are due May 1, 2023.

To apply, first submit an application.

Upon receiving your application, the Manager of Facilitation Development will notify you whether your application will proceed to the next stage.

The next application stage involves the following:

  • Written Story Engagement: You will read a narrative and engage in writing what you see in the person’s story and the themes that emerge. You will be provided with guidance and materials from the Allender Center to complete this part of the application.
  • Submitting an Interview Video Recording: You will be invited to record and submit a brief interview video answering several questions. Questions and guidance for submitting the video interview will be provided by the Allender Center to complete this part of the application.

The Allender Center team may also request follow-up interviews with applicants on a case-by-case basis should more insight and information be needed.

Final notification regarding acceptance into the Fellowship program will be given no later than June 30th.