Design of Desire

Design of Desire

Our desires can often seem so contrary to what God desires. So we often assume the best way to handle desire is to annul it. Yet, desire is a gift that God has wired into the design of our humanity. As women and men who are image bearers of God, our sexuality is ground that God desires to reclaim, honor, and see flourish in our lives. How do we move beyond the tangled realm of messages and experiences that inhibit our capacity to honor our bodies and increase joy in our intimate relationships?

Reclaiming our Humanity, Restoring Relationships, Revealing God

The Design of Desire conference invites us to envision and cultivate healthier connections, a more holistic view of sexuality, and a deeper understanding of how your story reveals the heart of God.

Design of Desire conference is an opportunity to reimagine what it means to be embedded in our bodies, to address places of heartache and shame that keep us from delight in relationship, and recognize how our unique beauty and brokenness is meant to reflect and interact with the story of God.

Join us for a time in which the unique complexities of desire, sexuality, and relationships can be discussed candidly, and the experiences that shape our capacity to love and be loved engaged with kindness and care.