Susan Kim

Susan Kim, LMHC

Teaching Staff, Fellowship Supervisor

Susan Kim graduated from The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology with a Masters in Counseling Psychology in 2006. She is a licensed therapist with a private practice in Seattle, WA, and has been a part of the Allender Center teaching staff since 2010.  Susan has also worked at the Seattle School as a Practicum Facilitator and Teaching Assistant.  These experiences have contributed and enhanced her current work as a therapist, supervisor, teacher, and facilitator for the many Allender Center offerings where she works with others to explore identity and how it has come to be formed and understood, loved and hated, through the narratives of abuse, trauma, culture, body, race, and ethnicity, with the healing hope that people would more fully grow into and honor who they are and the stories they hold with greater receptivity to and invitation for more kindness, grief, comfort, play, and freedom.  Her private practice and her work with the Allender Center has afforded her the privilege of engaging both the harm and beauty of people’s lives and stories as she continues to be committed to battling on behalf of what is true and good, with the added joy of reclaiming what evil intended for harm to be redeemed for God’s good.