Patria Rector, BSN, CPC


Patria’s career began with an undergraduate degree in Nursing in 1995. From that foundation, she has gained additional education, training, and certifications in the arena of mental health nursing, lay counseling, prayer ministry, and narrative-focused trauma care. From urban San Bernardino County, California to the farmlands of Nebraska, and with some stops along the way, Patria has considered it a deep honor to work with a wide variety of people. Patria spent some years in ministry at her local church where she met with people in a one-on-one context, led Healing The Wounded Heart and story groups, and eventually worked on staff as the Director of Prayer Ministry. Today, she works full-time as a story and enneagram coach, group leader, story coach consultant, and mentor. Patria is the founder and owner of The Broken and Beautiful in Lincoln, Nebraska – a space where licensed mental health providers, story coaches, transformational life coaches, and spiritual directors collaborate to bring care to the heart that longs to be known.